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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 26, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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kristen? >> thank you. a political surprise in a hot button topic, some republican, prominent republicans including a silicon valley c.e.o. are throwing their weight behind a battle to legalize same-sex marriage. our reporter is live in san francisco with the surprise. >> a lot of people in castro could be surprised to learn that prominent republicans are now supporting gay marriage and it is coming from a very unlikely place, a lot of influential republicans who are joining forces to strike down prop 8. in fact, dozens of prominent republicans have signed a legal brief that will submitted to the supreme court this week arguing that gay people have a constitutional right to marry. including whitman who supported prop 8 when she ran for governor. top advisors to former president george w. bush on the list. legal analysts say it could have
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potential to wave conservative justices when they hear the arguments next month. last week, president obama told abc7 news anchor dan ashley supporting gay marriage is the right thing to do. >> i can tell you obviously my personally view which is i think that same-sex couples should have the same rights and be treated like everyone else. >> 75 influential lens have add their names to the list including former utah governor huntsman, and two former governors of massachusetts including william weld and jane swift. the ground swell on the issue is changing rapiddedly but there is great divide in the republican party for legalizing gay marriage. >> thank you. developing news in walnut creek now where s residents of an assisted living home are in other facilities this morning because of a fire.
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five people had to be rescued after a fire broke out at a home last night. firefighters say they knocked the fire down before the flamed could crawl up a vent and into the at tick. there were two caretakers at home when it happened. one residents has minor smoke inwhat laying. >> the coast guard is resuming an aerial search for a missing family off the coast. boats searched for an unidentified man, his wife, their four-year-old son and his cousin. this video is exclusive to abc7 news. a of frommer joined yesterday's search 120 miles off off the monterey coast after there was a distress call on sunday from a sinking ship. >> we are abandoning ship. abandoning ship. >> they are putting that out there hoping the public may help identify the family.
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the search will expand to hawaii now, the seattle area, and even up into canada. a british participant introduced in the around the world yacht race has returned to thank those who helped in her recovery. she suffered a broken back and ribs when the yacht she was in was hit by a wave in rough seas 400 miles off the california coast. she was the doctor and injured along with an australian crew member and were transferred to a coast guard cutter and taking to oakland where she was treated for six weeks before she was able to return home to england. she. be here today. this is more information, new information in the search for a vandal who is targeting shops at walnut creek broadway plaza. police released this surveillance video showing the man believed to be the vandal. the shopping center tells abc7 that at least ten businesses have been windows xed with
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graffiti. >> one panel was scratched up with a key, very deep. we have to replace the deep. it is something you don't expect in walnut creek downtown. on none, -- on sunday, emily. >> if you have information call the police. >> the belmont city council meets to consider requiring property owners preparing to sell to inspect their lateral sewer pipes and repair and replace them if necessary. the move could cost homeowners up to $25,000 in sewer and street repairs that the city should pay if. if it isn't done it can stop home sellers from closing escrow and can affect neighboring homeowners if they we have in intention to sell. the proposal is seen as part of a larger strategy to upgrade the treatment and disposal and control of wastewater. >> if you are ready to head out you want a check of the weather forecast and i know you have
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been looking for rain and not able to find any. >> not here, it is all east of the rockies the form of winter storms that are bombarding the midwest and south and now the mid-atlantic. we talked how it would be cooler than yesterday morning, but where there is a breeze in san jose and santa rosa it is warmer and half moon bay is seven degrees cooler and san francisco at two and oakland at four and concord, live more, and fremont at one degree cooler. temperatures are running from 34 in napa, to 38 in cop -- concord, and half moon bay down to 34 degrees. a lot of low-to-mid 40's around the bay shore. we are off to mostly clear start this morning with temperatures in the mid-30's inland and mid-40's for the rest of us through 7:00. headed in the afternoon, that will be a bright are day than yesterday with passing clouds having passed. a wonderful time to be outside at lunch, low-to-mid 60's away from the coast at 4:00, and at
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53 and you can see all the stars developing through the evening with temperatures mainly in the 50's and now the next three days the warmest in the forecast in the upper 60's away from the beaches and the 70's on thursday and low-to-mid 70's for friday. enjoy the spring fling we will have in the next couple of days. >> hello, everyone, if your drive takes you to novato to marin wood, this is just beyond the marin ymca, the headlights headed to the sick -- civic center it is moving nightly. beyond the golden gate bridge light continues with four lanes for the commute. two lanes northbound, and early road work has been picked up on the northern portion of the span, and we still have a nice drive out of antioch, westbound highway four is looking good with no delays moving into pittsburg and eastbound 580, this is the reverse commute, greenville to north flynn you will find road work headed to the central valley if you are
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commuting westbound the normal commute direction that is looking good, too, just at 18 minutes into the dublin/pleasanton interchange. >> 5:308. this is a big one, first lady speaks with "good morning america" next and robin roberts and what she tells robin about gun control. >> dennis rodman diplomat? his mission to north korea tattoos and all, that is next. but first the america's money report. >> good morning. topping america's money, fresh fears for the market with no clear winners in italy's election investors are worried the debt crisis in europe could return with the dow losing the most in three months. more americans fell behind on auto payments last year. loans often take a back seat to holiday shopping in the 4th quarter, and the delinquency rate for last year, though, was the lowest in a while. the tv rating for the academy award show were slightly higher than last year and the best in
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three years, this year's strong oscar contender helped with a
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>> walnut creek and campbell and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 5:12. this is a live picture from wichita, kansas, where the big
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dig out has begun with more than 20" falling. the massive blizzard has mostly moved on. our meteorologist is tracking the path to the he river valley. that is about to get slammed next 507 afternoon -- slammed next. for us, we have quite the opposite picture. >> the debate over gun control is headed to the senate. the senate judiciary committee could review four gun control bills by thursday. the bills include proposals to ban military-style assault weapons. and improve school security. president obama pressed for tighter gun restrictions after the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. gun violence has become a key issue for the president and first lady. this morning, the first lady spoke exclusively with "good morning america" host, robin roberts, about efforts to increase gun control. in january the first lady attended the victim of a young
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boy that had attended the state of the union speech. >> the mother did everything she was supposed to do. she was right the she was standing out in a park with her friends, in a neighborhood, blocks away great where my kids grew up, where our house is. cog up on mechanic america at 7:00, she talks about raising her own teenage daughters and she will talk about childhood obesity and reveal a new initiative. >> a milestone for the mars curiosity rover that transferred rock dust to the laboratory two weeks after drill into the first rock. scientists will study the chemical and mineral makeup. it landed in a crater near mars' equator to determine if the environment supports or supported life.
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>> first, google executive chairman is now another high profile name headed to north korea. former nba star dennis rodman is flying from beijing to shoot footage for a new tv shore on hbo this spring. he is joined by several globetrotters and production crew. the media company will run a basketball camp for children, play pickup games with locals and compete where north korea's top athletes. the state department has not been contacted by the group for travel to the communist country. >> what do you call that, basketball diplomacy? >> very popular. >> dug lunch we will see a last office workers playing hoops because it is so warm. >> lot of running on the embarcardero. we love that. absolutely. good morning, everyone, hard to stay inside when you have this type of weather offer the next three or four days. live doppler 7 hd shows the commute will be dry this
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morning. it will be fine this afternoon. the snowstorm is pulling away from kansas and snowing heavy north of st. louis, but, still, back to kansas city but that is ending shortly and you can see the arc of strong storms headed through the ohio river valley and down to where we expect the severe weather in the middle parts of florida this morning and into the afternoon. here is a beautiful picture, mount tamalpais this morning, sausalito, san francisco, all the way down to the san mateo bridge and santa rosa is 35 and 32 at napa and forward is 40, and los gatos is 37. today, the warming trend begins. milder at night, we will have spring warmth by the end of the week which means there will be a lot of pollen in the air come the next several days. high pressure is still holding over our neighborhoods and you can see the lack of cloud cover today compared to yesterday as
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the storm track stays to the north. we will look at the highs which are a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday with a lot of 66's in the santa clara valley and to san jose and 64 in san mateo and a lot of 65's in wood wood and palo alto, and mid-to-upper 50's today along the coast and we are still breezy out there, wins are running around at 10- to 20-miles per hour, and low 60's downtown san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's through the not bay valley and napa around 68 today. 63 in hayward and castro valley. headed to the east bay valley, concord, pittsburg and antioch off the highway four corridor at 66 degrees and 580 to livermore at 67 and low-to-mid 40's and the bay and to the coast tonight. the seven-day outlook is warmer tomorrow, and you can see we crack the 70's on thursday and everywhere away from the coast
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in the 70's on friday, and 70's hold on saturday and then it will be cooler sunday and monday and temperatures are mild, away from the coast in the mid-to-upper 60's. have a great day. >> in san jose, it is clear and traffic concerns light, northbound 87 beyond the h.p. pavilion, very good drive. the eat shore freeway beyond university overcrossing into the remainryville -- into the emeryville area, you have a bit of company. we have metal in the lanes that has been moving around the westbound 80 lanes and c.h.p. may have to do a quick traffic break to clear that. otherwise remark is getting by without delay. north 101 the road work continues and is right there at the village with the right lanes blocked. >> it is 5:18.
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lowe's is getting rid of excess inventory at bargain prices. >> a baby caught red handed not sleeping during nap time. >> today on "katie" we look inside the world of transgender youth, girls and boys as young as six who feel they were born in the wrong body. that is later today on my name is marjorie reyes, and i'm a chief warrant officer.
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i love the fact that quicken loan quicken loans understood the details every step of thided me through i love the fact that every step of the process. i know wherever the military sends me, i can depend on quicken loans.
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>> new this morning a cyclone has western australia on red alert, and a city on total lockdown. authorities have ordered all residents of the port to stay indoors, the local port has been shut down and 11 schools closed.
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cyclone rusty is hitting the area with heavy rain and winds up to 75 miles per hour. it is expected to get worse tomorrow. >> mixed news for fans of casual dining chain. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> if you missedded out on bargain prices at lowe's you have a chance getting rid of certain items. they said all mark downs are hurting the profit forecast. >> and a flag ship only lynn garden is cutting openings to 15 a year, saying they will slow price hikes at longhorn and red lobster, struggling as people line up at cheaper chains. forecasters warning of extreme weather like super storm sandy could be destroyed by automatic budget cuts, lockheed market launched satellites and say this
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could leave weather forecasters with a blind spot. >> investors looking at bernanke's senate testimony and reports on the housing market. stocks plunged yesterday the most since november over concern of political instability in italy. and a new program to help low- income families get enough petted if for their pets for those on food stamps and helps you avoid deciding between putting food on pet's dish or their own. >> whatever you are doing, you have to look at this. the latest video shaking up out tune, a little boy who has better things to do during nap time. his parents invested in a baby monitor and they watched the footage of the child this is what they saw. he was caught on video doing
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faces over and over. they posted this on youtube and here clearly has a special mattress, maybe, warming up the trial for the diving team. mike, you remember those days, don't you? >> still do it! >> i always dive into the bed. >> good morning, everyone. here is the bay bridge. they turned the lights off again! here is a look at san jose at five degrees warmer than yesterday. san francisco is four. concord and fremont three degrees warmer than yesterday. santa rosa, one degree warmer. the warming trend is here. the entire state shows it is quiet as far as radar runs. you can see our next system to the north falling apart before it makes it to eureka at 51. 60 in monterey. mid to upper 60's through the central valley with mostly sunny
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conditions and 45 and clouds in tahoe and 54 in yosemite and los angeles and palm springs, 73 and 76. have a great time. >> we are going now to walnut creek where southbound 680 and moving nicely as you move from concord and pleasant hills beyond the turn at north main and to highway 24. at the limit it is down through the san ramon valley to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. eastbound 580 that is road work until 11:00 this morning with three right lanes blocked and you may find slowing eastbound direction and westbound, now, starting to jam up a bit as you reach the altamont pass and into livermore and then it picks up. bart and muni and caltrain, no mass delays. >> janet jackson can keep a secret reveal he has been married since last year. a representative for her confirms the musician was wed
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last year. this is her second secret marriage. she first tied the knot in 1984 when she was 18, to a singer. that marriage lasted three months. jackson and her husband say it was a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony, and they are asking for privacy. >> losing a have been bet is costing a san francisco brewery more than money. it is costing them...pride. for the rest of the week, anchor butting is pouring a baltimore beer in their tap room, they lost to super bowl to blind dog and people taking a brewery tour heard the all of news straight from the brewery c.e.o. >> we have to broadcast our humiliateing experience at the brewery and the production people would not look me in the eye but hung their head in shame. >> to add to the shame the staff has to wear baltimore ravens
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shirt before. >> getting through the first, they could sample anchors' own brew. >> ahead at 5:30 a day of fun turns into tragedy when a hot hair balloon crashes to a background and a bay area man saw it all happened but first video you will see only on abc7 news, the coast guard continuing to search for a sunken boat off the coast
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true. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 5:29 on tuesday. have a great day and we will get it started in a great way with a look at our weather forecast. mike? >> you cannot ask for better weather to get around in the morning than a dry live doppler 7 hd. because of the dry air
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temperatures are cooler than this time yesterday. the exceptions of san jose at 38. santa rosa at 41. low-to-mid 40's around san francisco and mountain view and fremont and oakland. antioch. half moon bay. we have 39 in hayward. 38 in concord. los gatos at 36. a lot more sunshine today. maybe a little haze of the low-to-mid 60's around the bay. low-to-upper 60's inland with more sunshine. kind of breezy on the coast. mid-to-upper 50's. >> beautiful day in store and a nice drive. everything is light at the toll plaza with no delays moving beyond the metering lights which remain off on the upper deck incline section is moving nicely through the tunnel to the city. busy here on the san mateo bridge with the flat section with it picking up at the high-rise.
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reports of westbound four, an accident on the shoulder. can you see traffic is slowing from antioch. kristen? >> the coast guard continues the search this morning for a couple and two young children missing off the coast of monterey. amy hollyfield is live at the coast guard station with the latest. what is the plan? >> i spoke with an officer with the coast guard and they say they have a cutter on the water right now and a c130 flying above but, still, no sign of the family. here is the last bit of contact the coast guard had with the family this is from the distress call. >> we are abandoning ship. we are abandoning ship. >> here is an idea of what searchers are facing. this is exclusive video from the search yesterday. abc7 was allowed on the c130 as they scan miles and miles and miles of water.
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that call came in from 60 miles west of monterey on sunday afternoon. officials say they had choppy conditions at that time. the family of four had little to cling to. >> they had a cooler and a life ring and they would try and put them together to make a life raft because they had to abandon ship. authorities believe they are looking for a man, a woman, and two small children. they do not have their names. i asked about the survivability at this point with the water at 40 to 50 degrees. a spokeswoman said they calculate that based on size and they don't have any of that information. they have not talked about when they will suspend the search but they plan to intensify it as soon as the sun comes up and they will launch the helicopter to have one more vantage point.
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>> thank you. as amy mentioned the c130 plane will be leaving shortly to search for the boaters who are missing and they will be taking off from sacramento and of course we will bring that to you when we get that available. >> right now, we will move on to the developing news from oakland or new developments from the vatican. we have learned new details of the efforts to select a new pope, the details are the dean of the college will summon the cardinals to the vatican on friday, a day after the pope officially steps down and the cardinals first official meeting is held monday, march 4, and we have elevenned that pope benedict will keep the title of his holiness after he resigned.
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in egypt this morning, at least 18 foreign tourists are confirmed dead after a hot air balloon crashed in the waste tourism accidents in the history of the country. a bay area man took these photos before the crash. he says he was in another balloon when it happened. according to officials this was a fire and an explosion before the balloon plunged several hundred feet from the sky. residents of japan, france, and britain are among the dead. >> several schools are canceling student trips to south america after a young bay area couple disappeared while traveling through peru. jamie neal and gator hand were on a south american bicycle tour and they disappeared. the couple is seen on a surveillance video on a bus to lima when the communication on facebook and friends and 19 stopped along with bank activity. in mid-february the state department issued a warning to american tourists about
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possibility of being kidnapped by terrorists. as a result a local school canceled a trip for 30 students. we are relieved we did not go with a situation like this. i was bummed we could not go but i am glad it was canceled. >> another school in oakland canceled a trip and the families hope they are just in a remote area without internet service. >> a northern california police officer faces charges of sexual assault and kidnapping. it is believed the police officer attacked six women recently. the police chief says investigators believed we the police officer committed crimes while on duty and used the position to stop and assault the victims. >> personally, i am appalled and sickened someone who was put in a position of trust would violate that trust in such an
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egregious and despicable manner. >> another officer reported the alleged crimes. he was placed on leave after being booked into the county jail yesterday. investigators hope other victims could come forward. san jose will consider becoming the largest city in the country to ban styrofoam today. the city council will vote on a vote on phasing out the styrofoam food containers. restaurant association says this harms small businesses more than the containers hurt the environment. if a final bill passes the ban would take effect next january. a grand opening ceremony is held today in san francisco to open a new cruise ship terminal. the $930 million project is at pier 27. the mayor will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1:00 o'clock. but the terminal will first be used by the competing america cup teams with cruiseships next spring.
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a top silicon valley c.e.o. and former republican candidate for governor is changing her position on same-sex marriage. hewlet-packard c.e.o. is among dozens of prominent republicans saying proposition eight should be overturned. "new york times" reports that whitman sign add legal brief arguing gay people have a constitutional right to marriage. she supported proposition 8 during her campaign for governor and other prominent republicans include former presidential candidate jon huntsman and former new jersey governor whitman and former massachusetts governors weld and swift. the supreme court is set to hear arguments on whether proposition 8 is constitutional next month. >> dressing the kids this morning, i considered short sleeves with a jacket in the morning. will that work? >> sounds good. going to be cool this morning but above average in the afternoon hours. good morning, everyone.
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the clear is sky. no visibility less than ten miles which is unlimited. we have a breeze in a few areas. only five miles per hour at sfo this morning. and throw at cop cord and six at fairfield. and as far as today, mid-40's this morning. 37 inland and bay and coast in the mid-40's so you need the coat. we will be around 60 at noon and low-to-mid 60's away from the beaches and mid-50's because of the breezes and 48 at 7:00 around the beeps and mid-50's inland so you may need a light coach. the three warmest days in the forecast, wednesday, thursday, and friday, away from the coast we will be in the mid-60's to near 70 tomorrow and thursday, low-to-mid 60's friday, and the coast will pick up, also, mid-60's is your warmest day on friday, also. >> beautiful morning and clear
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here in san rafael move from marinwood beyond lucas valley road. we have slow downs in antioch westbound four with an accident on the shoulder. it is drifting a bit toward the slow speed moving toward pittsburg. a stall south 17 at redwood city area, a medical emergency blocking the off-ramp from 17 to redwood estates. >> here is one of the richest men and runs the largest city, and this morning, new york's mayor bloomburg is planning a bay area visit. first the new treatment that shows promise in helping people with a dangerous condition has a major setback. why it could mean the end of a ba.
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>> daly city, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. on tuesday, 5:42. the embarcardero, checking out the bay bridge, gorgeous shot, pretty cheer, but we have the winds to warm us up, plus yesterday was warm and mike nicco checking out an overall
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warm forecast but are there hiccups? is there rain ahead? we will get a check in a moment. more news now, the lafayette school distribute pays $725,000 to a student molested on campus by former middle schoolteacher. he is serving five years in prison for sex crimes after abuse the student during private tutoring sessions. the family says the district received other complaints about molesting female students but failed to report him to police. >> the future of a palo alto based drug company is in question after they took their only approved drug off the market for anemia after reports that self kidney patients died after taking it the company c.e.o. says he is working to identify the root cause of the problem. it was on the market since april and the company said it gained ground against the competition because of a cheaper drug than
5:42 am
the rivals that required less doses. >> president obama will meet with two top republican lawmakers to talk immigration reform. senators john mccain and senator graham are part of a bipartisan senate group working to overhaul the immigration system. john mccain things lawmakers can come to an agreement by the end of next month. the senate is scheduled to vote today on whether to confirm chuck hagel as head of the defense department. the former republican senator is on track to win confirmation after a long political fight. g.o.p. lawmakerers signaled they would not hold up a vote if he is confirmed he would succeed panetta and take office just before budget cuts hit the pentagon. a new snowstorm is crossing the midsection creating havoc for resolution dens still digging out from last week's blizzard bringing heavy snow to kansas and missouri this morning. you can see in the live pictures how much snow is on the ground.
5:43 am
they will have a tough job ahead of them. also, we have hurricane-force winds and these are conditions in kansas, and this is wichita. not many cars. a traffic nightmare on the roads, and so many drivers are strapped the national guard was called in. in albuquerque interstate 40 was shut down and truck drivers had to wait it out. >> it costs money to sit still or to run it much like this, empty. hopefully it is cleared. >> the winds were so strong in north texas it peeled bricks from the side of a building. today there are worries severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall are possible across parts of the south and mid-atlantic. so, moving eastward, leaving just a path of destruction. >> absolutely. a lot of snow, two times in a row, they are used to get it once but not twice in the same
5:44 am
week or in the same seven-day outlook period. at home, it is quiet and i will show you what is going on. you can see it is quiet with live doppler 7 hd with good news trying to get around here. we have a breeze but nothing like you saw here. it will not deface the buildings. impressive, whoing storm from the snow in kansas and missouri and iowa and headed to chicago. we will watch chicago for you. you can see the rain through cincinnati and moving through charlotte and east of atlanta. bad news if you are headed to florida. in san jose, you are looking at highway 87, near the h.p. pavilion. right now it is friend in san francisco. oakland is 43. san jose is 41. petaluma is 32. santa cruz is 40. livermore is at 36. as far as what will happen with the forecast sickle -- forecast cycle, a few passing clouds tonight.
5:45 am
that is it. spring warmth is the big story starting today and we will feel it tomorrow, friday, and saturday. those are the warmest days of our forecast. we will see cooling trend, but, still, it will be mild. high pressure holding on and keeping this progressive looking jet stream to the north and you can see why it is getting so cold to the north, up to the arctic circle and dumping that cold weather into the eastern section of the rockies and the plains and that is why they have had so much winter weather over the last seven to ten days. at home, sunshine in the santa clara vietnam with a ring from 65 to 66 and santa cruz is warmer at 68. and mid-to-upper 50's along the breezy beaches, and 61 in south san francisco, downtown is 62. mid-to-upper 60's through the north bay valley with petaluma at 67. 63 and 64 and 65 is the
5:46 am
temperature along the east bay shore. a spread from 62 in san ramon and 67 at livermore and fairfield and east bay valleys. mainly 30's inland tonight and a few clouds overnight. the accweather seven-day outlook shows pollen that will get obnoxious over the next three to five days. by mound and monday, it will be cooler with temperatures very nice and in the 60's. sue? >> in san jose, good morning, everyone, we have a nice look at highway 87, the tail lights headed in the northbound direction and traffic is slowing nicely. we have a situation with police activity, southbound, monterey road, from cottage grove, a hit-and-run accident at 1:00 o'clock this morning. an investigation is ongoing. that is a good area to avoid in san jose. westbound 4, an accident off to the shoulder and it is very slow
5:47 am
out of antioch moving toward pittsburg. kristen? >> thank you. a speeding s.u.v. made a crash landing in an unexpected place. the s.u.v. went airborne and crashed and lodged into the roof of a home in houston. police said the drive was going 90 miles per hour and he lost control and drove up an embankment going airborne and crashed into a house and flipped, landing on top of the house next door. no one inside either home was hurt and the driver somehow walked away with barely a scratch. >> what has new york's mayor coming to the area but first online piracy crackdown for internet users who illegal share music and tv shows and movies online. and yahoo is the talk of silicon valley after elimination of telecommunicating. we are learning more, the real reasons behind the
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>> a live picture of the bay bridge in san francisco from the camera on mount tamalpais. the winds, mike nicco says, are keeping us fairly warm. we will have the temperatures and we are headed for a pretty warm day. stanford has a prominent speaker for the commencement ceremony,
5:51 am
new york city mayor bloomberg who found add global multimedia empire prior to becoming mayor. this is a great example for the students. it is the 122en graduation weekend june 14th. >> internet service providers will crack on those who illegally share music or movies online. people accused of the piracy get up to six warnings and then the internet provider takes more drastic steps such as slowing their connection or suspending service. five of the large of the internet providers in the nation are taking part and at&t, verizon, and time warner and cable vision. the program was created by the policemen and recording industry. this morning, the 7th oscar for pixar is at their emeryville
5:52 am
hope and was carried into the headquarters yesterday afternoon, the first academy award and i am hearing the theme music was appropriate because it was for the disney movie "brave," the first animation with female lead and won a dozen form critics awards. >> you have to imagine, mike, that shelf with the oscars was to be a huge shelf. >> pretty good job, don't they? parents, we know they put out good movies. from mount tamalpais, seas latte is -- sausalito is here and clear down to the san mateo bridge. four degrees warmer than livermore and 67 in napa. oakland will hit 64 and san francisco will be at 62, a degree warmer-than-average and san jose at 66, where you should
5:53 am
be. the high prior is broad with no radar runs in california, nevada, arizona, hardly any in oregon, that is how dry the west is going to be today. mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley, 45 today with sunshine in tahoe and 66 in san diego and los angeles and palm springs, mid 70's. >> and put the sprinklers on yesterday because it is so dry. everything is clear with a minor delay on the bay bridge for cash paying folks. no metering lights. traffic is getting by on the upper deck. from greenville to flynn there is road work. and headed out of the central valley, the normal commute direction is slowing before the altamont pass. fremont on-ramp to northbound
5:54 am
85, in the sunnyvale area, that is closed for another five minutes because of road work out there and road work in daly city, and 280 before highway one, those lanes are blocked until 7:00 this morning, two left lanes. >> more than 800 jobs are available today at latest abc7 job journal hiring event from noon to 4:00 at concord on clay done road in concord with jobs in fields from engineers to retail to education at under "see it on tv." drake bay oyster farm will stay open while it fights for the future. an appeals court ruled the farm at point reyes national seashore can still to operate while they appeal the decision. the interior department allowed the lease to expire so the area could be returned to wilderness. the court ruled in favor of the oyster farm saying there are serious legal questions about closing. both will be back in court in
5:55 am
may. >> a new report showing more teenagers die in car crashes. last year, the death rate for teens jump 20 percent, 240 teens killed in crashes between january and june according to the highway safety association. 16 and 17-year-olds were involved in the most fatal accidents and federal data for the entire year will not be available until later this year. >> powerful new support for gay marriage in california. the top republicans now throwing their support behind an effort to strike down proposition 8. but, first, video you will see only on abc7 as the coast guard continues the search for a sunken boat and a family. >> the first lady sits down on "good morning america" couch for new one-on-one interview and new one-on-one interview and what she is revealing to of walg
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00 a.m., video you will see only on abc7 news. the coast guard is continuing a search off the monterey coast for any sign of a sunken 29' sailboat with four people still missing including two young children. that is our top story at 6:00 this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. eric thomas is off. first, we will look at our weather forecast. mike? >> if you wonder the water temperature is 52 degrees in the ocean. we will look at live doppler 7 hd, notice how dry with hardly a cloud found. we will talk about what will happen today, first we will breakdown your bay day. your bay day. 45 degrees. cloud-free at 7:00. it will be 59 and sunny at noon. 63 degrees as we head into the
5:59 am
afternoon hours. a few high clouds will come in, in the evening, at 54. and now, inland, it is cooler, at 37 degrees, our starting temperature, and well hit 60 at noon and hang out in the mid-60's in a brighter afternoon but we will see high clouds in the evening at 54 degrees and the cost is cooler at low-to-mid 40's and breezy, and 57 and by 4:00, down to 53 degrees under a blue sky and a few high clouds at 48 in the evening and breezy. sue? >> we go to oakland with first reports of what looks like a serious accident northbound 880 before oak involving a garbage truck, glass all over the lanes, three left lanes blocked. this is northbound 880 before oak in the oakland area. c.h.p. is not yet issuing a sig-alert. an accident westbound four on to


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